Our digital learning platform free of charge for everyone during Corona times

For many years we have been equipping universities, colleges and high schools with the learning platform Moodle. Therefore we can support the schools during the Corona period. In fact, we made our learning software available to everyone free of charge for digital lessons. Our focus was Swiss schools, where restrictions are now being lifted.

As we seem to be approaching the end of the crisis we will bring our OnSchool offering to a close by 31. July 2020. Existing subscribers who would like to continue using the service, can move to our regular Moodle SaaS infrastructure. Public schools that actively use the service and want to continue with it, receive a special discount. Subscribers that would like to move elsewhere, will get an export of their Moodle data from us.

What is the Moodle learning platform?

Moodle is a classroom for digital teaching. Work materials and learning activities can be provided on the Moodle learning platform. They can be easily sorted into modules and can be worked through by students according to their timetable. In the forum of the learning software, students can exchange information at any time - so that the social aspect of digital teaching is not neglected.

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What are the functionalities of the Onschool.ch platform?

All digital classrooms on onschool.ch run on the virtual learning environment Moodle. This software was built by teachers, for teachers and their students. Big Blue Button is also included, providing video and audio calls, screen-sharing and a whiteboard. Both Moodle and Big Blue Button are open source and free software.

  • Available in German, French, Italian or English (for other languages please contact us)
  • Organize course content according to classes and subjects (preconfigured)
  • Upload or download files and folders via “drag & drop” (including anti-virus check)
  • Virtual classroom (audio or video) with screen-sharing and virtual whiteboard
  • Exchange with the teacher through “announcements” and “questions and answers” (preconfigured forums), as well as class chat for exchanges between students
  • Preconfigured user roles “student/pupil”, “teacher”, and “administrator” (can be extended with further roles such as “parent”)
  • Fast attribution of relevant courses to each class thanks to a preconfigured user group per class
  • Creation of learning content such as tasks, group projects, tests (with many question types), forums, surveys, and many more...

What do you need for the Moodle learning platform?

Students, teachers and the school must provide a minimum of knowledge and/or infrastructure for digital teaching. Once the learning software is in place, it can start quickly. What’s also good to know: All data is hosted in Switzerland.


To start online learning, all students have to have internet access as well as a computer or a tablet. Registration is easier if the students also have an email address.


The teachers also register with an e-mail address. Customizing Moodle requires some technical finesse. We recommend that schools have one person who can learn the software and help the other teachers.


A person with technical flair from your school has the administrator role. She is also the contact person for Liip. For this we need name, first name and e-mail address.


The learning platform Moodle is a web application. The school does not need its own infrastructure. Liip provides this. You only need a computer with internet access.

How does your school launch the Moodle learning platform?

Would you like to set up a digital classroom? Then get in touch with us. We will immediately set up a URL for your school (for example “schulemeierhof.onschool.ch”). This URL is protected - i.e. no other school or organisation can access your personal learning platform. As soon as we have given you access to our learning software, the digital lessons can be created and started.

Why does Liip publish Moodle for free?

Special situations require special measures. We already have the infrastructure of the Moodle learning platform and are an official Moodle Partner of Switzerland. It is therefore possible for us to make it available in such a way that all schools can use the learning software. And this until the end of the current school year. We will find a solution for everything else.

We believe that we as a company have a responsibility for ourselves as a society. We are pleased when we can assume this responsibility. We are not making money with it. But a lot of good karma.

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